Body Imaging

Body imaging refers to the use of imaging equipment to diagnose and treat disease and injury in the body’s organs, soft tissues, and connective tissues. 


X-ray (or radiography) is a type of diagnostic imaging that uses electromagnetic radiation (light) to produce images of the area under evaluation.  

Women's Imaging

Mammography, breast imaging (breast MRIs and ultrasounds), 3-D tomosynthesis, and OB ultrasounds.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a subspecialty within radiology that uses a radioscope for diagnostic examinations.


A PET, or Positron Emission Tomography, scan is a diagnostic scanning method that uses radionuclide combined with glucose.

Quality Imaging for Quality of Life

Tualatin Imaging

The physicians of Tualatin Imaging, PC (TIPC) recognize radiology’s impact on diagnostic medicine and are dedicated to striving for the highest standard of excellence in patient care.


Our patients are at the heart of everything we do and it is our mission to provide quality imaging for quality of life.

Tualatin Imaging, PC (TIPC) is a physician-owned/physician-led practice that has been serving patients and providers for over 30 years. The radiologists of TIPC see each patient encounter as an opportunity to positively impact the health of an individual by providing timely, compassionate, and quality imaging services.


+ Years of Experience


A medical practitioner provides diagnostic imaging services

Diagnostic Imaging

A woman getting diagnostic imaging services in Oregon

Women’s Imaging

Full-body x-rays for nuclear medicine/PET and diagnostic imaging services

Nuclear Medicine/PET

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